Newer Blues Artists or Recordings

Any suggestions for new’ish blues artists and/or recordings you have discovered and enjoyed over the past few years? Please include all types of blues music and artists - traditional blues, southern rock/blues (e.g., Allman Bros., etc.), blues/soul, slower blues (i.e., good for background music while working), and cross-overs such as blues recordings by well-known rock or popular artists such as Boz Scaggs, Robin Trower, Eric Clapton, and others. Let’s help each other discover new blues music.

I will start with a couple of newer, young artists that I enjoy...

  • Marcus King (try, Carolina Confessions or El Dorado)
  • Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (try, Live in London)

Joe Bonamassa

Carolyn Wonderland

Joanne Shaw Taylor

Samantha Fish

Shannon Curfman

The two you mentioned are on the top of my list of new folks on the scene as well.  

Larkin Poe if you do not know those gals you should

Beth Hart older but finally getting some accolades and just released a new song with Walter Trout.  She has an Album with Jeff Beck as well as Joe Bonamassa.  I have been a fan for many years and have seen her a bunch including with Jeff Beck which was amazing

If you do not know Taz Niederaur another good one but I think you probably do

Quinn Sullivan another kid phenom who is now older that Buddy Guy took in and toured with .


Just a few that fit your taste as Marcus and Christone are both high on my lists to see ASAP and have been for a few years just havent matched up as of yet


two other that have been around but maybe new to you Samantha Fish and Anna Popovic   . 



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@bgross - Really like British Blues, and Faces are a favorite. Five Guys Walk into a Bar is awesome. Not to forget John Mayall (and the Bluesbreakers). Dude is 90 and just ended touring a year or so ago.  Check out John Mayall’s 70th Birthday Concert.

@searchingforthesound and @ingenear - Those are all great suggestions and worthy of listening to. Not sure Larkin Poe have found their signature sound yet but they are sure fun to listen to. I believe they have played concerts with Blackberry Smoke and I would like to catch both/either in concert.

Danielle Nicole (the best)

Joanne Shaw Taylor

Samantha Fish

Larkin Poe

For an older one check out Valerie Wellington her version of smokestack lightnin is amazing!