Newer cars without cd players-what now?

Since I'm considering buying a new SUV in the near future, I'm learning real fast that cd players are no longer available. Since I'm not computer savvy on transferring cd's to MP3 to USB thumb drives, I thought I might solicit some help from you "experts". I saw an article on Google on how to do this and the suggestion was to purchase a Teac CD-P650 cd player that could do this in one easy step, but I need some answers on what to do. I downloaded the manual, but it doesn't address my questions. When you have transferred the first cd to USB, do you continue to keep on transferring cd's until the thumb drive is full? I'm assuming you can then access the various cd's through the infotainment center on the vehicle?

I'm an old "geezer" and still love my flip-phone and cd collection, so this new tech stuff is a bit bewildering to me. Any advice would be appreciated.

Alan (sid42)

Thanks to all of you, responses were great. I'm in the gathering information stage now and appreciate your ideas. Phil, what cd ripping program do you recommend?
Spotify (largest catalog + easy user interface), etc. can be accessed directly on your new car's audio system.

“ Can't you get an after-market CD player anymore? Just sayin“

+1........and even sent the OP a pm suggesting the same thing.   Haven’t gotten a reply.....
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Buy a decent little digital portable player and just AUX it into the head unit? I've got a Cowon Plenue D, 32 GB internal storage so plenty enough and handles all formats in PCM. I play all my CD's ripped to AIFF as I'm an Apple user but you've got the option of lower or higher 'quality' files. It sounds great - only hassle is you have to control playback on the player. I actually stopped using my car CD player to do this.