Newest Aqusition, McIntosh MA6600 Integrated

I took a 600 mile drive (both ways) down to Audio Classics in New York yesterday and picked up a McIntosh MA6600 200wpc integrated amp. This is replacing my Parasound Halo Integrated amp. So far, I am very much enjoying the lush McIntosh sound. Mike Sastra at Audio Classics is one of the nicest guys in all of audio. It is hard to believe this is a used amp as it looks brand new. What I do know is this MA6600 was manufactured at the end of the production run and comes with a much improved remote control. I bought this amplifier which goes for 6500 at just a little over half price. I am thrilled beyond thrilled and I can't say enough great things about Audio Classics. There is a room in their store which is more like a museum to McIntosh.

All the equipment is in glass cases with some of the amps going back to McIntosh's earliest days.

To those who told me moving up from my Parasound Halo Integrated would be a sideway move, I have to say they were never more wrong. The quality of the Mac and the fit an finish is a joy to behold.

I too agree that the MAC is a much bigger improvement over the Parasound. I also purchased my McIntosh MC352 from Mike Sastra at Audio Classics! Awesome people there and a great store to deal with. One thing you will have to get used to is not having to call Mike for anything (because the mac is reliable and never breaks)! Except more Mac gear!

Matt M

Many people like to trash Mac gear, as they will any big easy target. Some have technical reasons, and others are just saying they're outdated designs etc. I have owned several of their amps and have a 2105 I will keep forever along with 2 other amps that I use. I would just say that without perhaps being the "ultimate" amp in every way, they are just so enjoyable to listen to music through, and it's a little hard to explain, but for people like me, when you hear that sound, it feels like you're home.

Congrats on your new amp. That's a goodie!  

I have also purchased a lot of McIntosh gear from Audio Classics. A great bunch of guys to do business with. It is only about 100 miles for me though. When my son lived in Binghamton, I would buy a new piece every time I visited.
Last time I was there, was about 15-17 years ago.

I was brought in to evaluate potential purchases for a guy.

By the time we walked out, half a day later, he had made a deal ...and purchased about 20 pieces. All on my advice or estimation. Crazy day that was.

("19 tequilas later, we had a deal. Havana goes back to the mob, and Fidel and I open up a chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken Shops. Ain’t Life Sweet" -Was not Was)
Great purchase! My first McIntosh equipment was a MA6200 and an MR74 tuner in 1980. I still have the tuner and about 10 other McIntosh pieces. I have done business with Audio Classics and have always been very pleased.