News: Qobuz Hi-Res platform's debut is scheduled for this October. See Qobuz Links below

I have been looking for information on Qobuz for many months and finally was able to get some useful information about its "scheduled" release date, information on who is working at Qobuz, some features and other background information.   I will add additional information as I get it.  Please see:

1) Qobuz Names Music Industry Veteran Dan Mackta Managing Director USA with more Key Executives for U.S. Launch:

2) Qobuz Named Official High-Resolution Streaming Service of Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest:

Some Qobuz Features are:
Over 40 million 16/44 tracks and over 2 million high-resolution tracks up to 24/192 bit high resolution.

You can actually off-line any album or track onto your computer, phone and many servers. So if your Internet is not up to full 24/192 streaming, but you need to have a perfect demo, you can download unlimited playlists and albums in high resolution. 

About Qobuz
Founded in 2007, Qobuz is a French commercial online music streaming and download service that addresses the needs of curious and discerning music lovers across the globe. It is currently available in Europeand the UK and Ireland. Complementing its unparalleled expertise in sound quality, Qobuz includes an exceptional range of music genres as well as exclusive editorial content. Qobuz offers subscription to streaming services with CD quality and Hi-Res audio spanning all genres. The service also offers the largest catalogue of 24-bit Hi-Res albums for download. For more information, visit:

My Aurender N10 Music Sever already supports Qobuz streaming and I am anxious to start listening to Qobuz music streaming.  

I don't know what is going on over here, but Tidal using the same app, sounds much better to my ears. Open, airy, more focused. It is not even close on the albums I compared. I just got it yesterday, so have not given it the widespread try with more music, but was surprised at the results I got comparing.
16/44.1, 24/96, and 24/192 all sound great. as I mentioned the selection of rock/pop content is terrible. For most of the artist I like, if they had 10 albums Spotify usually has 9 -10 of them, TIDAL might have 6-8 of them, Qobuz seems to have 2-4 of them. I'm not exaggerating, it's that bad.
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In this case there was useful information, and a number of questions answered, wrt the impending launch of the Qobuz music service in the USA.

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I am still waiting for Qobuz to provide additional information about its steaming options, catalog content, pricing, expected USA release date and anything else they can provide about their streaming service.  They have been very quiet and I do not understand why.  

Of course, it is possible they might not be ready to market and/or launch in the USA.  It could be hardware, Software, staffing or even legal issues.  We will see what happens in the next 30-60+ days.  As already stated above, I am interested in their 24/192Kbs album streaming service and how it compares to Tidal’s MQA coded album streaming.  I am also interested in seeing how their album catalog compares to Tidal’s album catalog.  

If you have any additional Qobuz information, please post it.   Thanks.  
"...They have been very quiet"
A launch like this is hard.  Esp. for a non-domestic company of the scale and ability of Qobuz.  When I asked a couple months ago, their customer service replied "We hope open by end of year."  I'm guessing that's as good a guess as any.

I've not listened to any 24/192 streaming so am not informed to comment on that particular delivery mode.  I have listened to alleged "hi-res" audio files from HD Tracks - other than what to me sounded like monkeyed EQ across the frequency spectrum, mostly in mids, for me the difference in sonic "quality" between that and redbook is modest at best.

Indeed there are clear-headed perspectives if not analyses about the 'value' of so-called "hi-res" music reproduction (including this, and this).  These may be helpful as we try to discern real vs perceived differences in what the streaming services offer.

Wrt MQA, there's growing opinion if not evidence of that being a total bucket of bullsh!t.  Archimago's usual measured and thoughtful analysis is a good source, and here's another from someone on the ínside, so to speak.