Next Best Upgrade for Tidal MQA?

I’m trying to decide what my next best upgrade is going to be to improve my streaming music quality (predominantly Tidal, and Tidal MQA, when available).

Current setup:
Custom Deep Sea Sound 18” subs (2)
Marantz SR7012 AVR
Bluesound Node 2i
MyTek Liberty DAC
Parasound A21+

I’m wondering if I’ll get a bigger jump from inserting a Parasound JC2 BP as a pre-amp or replacing the DAC/Streamer with a MyTek Brooklyn Bridge? Or is there something else out there in the $2500-4000 range that will help make a significant jump?

Help and thoughts appreciated!

@bruxesq here's a perhaps slightly out of the box possibility. Check out the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120. That will give you an integrated amp with home theater bypass, streaming, and room correction all in one device for about $2k. You could biamp your speakers by running the preout to your Parasound and sell the Node and DAC.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Given that the TDAI-1120 would replace my DAC, Streamer, and 2 channel Amp (and I could sell all 3 to mitigate costs) - I started researching the TDAI-3400 (the bigger bigger brother in the series).  Found interesting comments by the OP in this thread:

OP said he moved on to a MyTek Manhattan II DAC after living with the Lyngdorf for a year. His quote was that the upgrade in sound to the MyTek was “profound” and that a stand alone streamer sounded better.  That gives me a lot of pause.
@bruxesq That Mytek DAC is $6k on its own so not even close to a valid comparison against an integrated amp / DAC / streamer / room correction device for $6,500, much less the $2k TDAI-1120. And the room correction, depending on your space, could make a much bigger difference than the DAC. To top it off, that guy you’re talking about ONLY used the Lyngdorf as a DAC. That’s like buying a BMW to use as a heater for your garage. Of course the Manhattan sounded better. What streamer, preamp, and amp was that guy using? I bet they cost more than the $500 price difference between the Manhattan DAC and the Lyngdorf that does it all but was (crazily) used only as a DAC.
I haven’t tried the Manhattan to compare but I’ve got the 3400 and I find it to be absolutely amazing. It’s probably the only technologically advanced device I own that just works all the time and does everything I need. It also sounds incredible and puts out 200w into 8 ohms or 400 into 4 ohms. If you went with the 3400 you could also sell your Parasound... 
@jnehma1 thanks for the follow up. It may not be apples to apples, but seems close enough for general discussion purposes. And, to be clear, I was focusing on the 3400 vs Manhattan II, not the 1120 (which I agree would not be fair).

The Manhattan II can include a network card to make it a preamp/DAC/streamer. I’ve been offered a great deal on one that I think I’m going to take. Replaces my DAC, preamp, and streamer in one box. Later, if I want to warm it up further, I can go separate tube amp. Seems to make the most sense to me. If I do pull the trigger I will report back.
@jjss49 @cycles2 and others:

I pulled the trigger on a Mytek Manhattan II with network card.  The folks at Mytek were nice enough to give me a fair trade in on my Liberty + apply another promo to help bring the price down.  I'm probably still within a reasonable burn in period, so there may be more improvements to the sound, but I'm very pleased with the results, AND... I've got to say, Qobuz hi-res is pretty amazing.  I thought I was hearing about all of the detail there was to hear, but some of the hi-res tracks have brought new sounds to songs that I am extremely familiar with and that I did not know existed before.  Doobie Brothers' "Black Water" and Metallica's "Turn the Page" are just a couple of examples.

The Mytek has a great uncolored and natural sound with great separation amongst instruments and singers in harmony.  At times I get that "the singer is in the room" quality, and frequently feel like I'm there at the recording booth.

All in all, I'm very pleased and will (mostly) be standing pat for a while to just sit back an enjoy the music.  I plan to upgrade my speaker cables and some interconnects to Tellurium Q Black II's - will see what that goes, and may also grab a miniDSP so that I can calibrate for the room when using the Mytek as preamp/source.  I'll report back again...

Thanks to everyone for the help and feedback.  Sometime down the road I still may opt to insert a separate preamp... the adventure continues!