Next on the list for Mahler....

Now that I have heard (and now own) the Mahler Symphony #1 and #2, any recommendations from this composer? I would like somthing with great sound and performance in Vinyl ....please.
Rick (RWD)
I would add on the list the cycle of songs Des Knaben Wunderhorn. I think, one of the best version is Szell, Schwarzkopf, Diskau and Cleveland SO. This cycle of songs is a key to understand motives of Mahler, and helps to understand also its first symphonies. Also a great introduction as i has a lighter texture than the symphonies.
What about Mahler's Symphony No.1 on vinyl. Any idea which version to hunt for? How is this Solti recording? Any good?
Thanks for the ideas.....

The fifth probably is his most popular. Get that one next.

Then 4, 6, 9 (no particular order)

Then 3, 8, 7.

The seventh is his most abstract symphony; hardest to warm up to, I think.

Sorry I can't help with vinyl, I'm strictly a CD guy.

Your post reminds me of when we went up to Cincinnati to hear them do the Second. My wife, who didn't really know the piece, was dumbfounded, mouth gaping open and goosebumps up and down her arms.

Steve O.
Audphile1, for the Mahler Symphony No. 1 on vinyl, I can recommend the Horenstein/LSO performance on Unicorn RHS 301 (also reissued on Nonesuch, I believe), and the Solti/LSO performance on Decca SXL 6113 (Speakers Corner reissue) that you referenced in your post. These are very different performances, both good and in good sound.