Next step up from the Dynavector 20x2 for more bass?

Hi everyone I have officially had my very first moving coil cartridge for almost a week. The Dynavector 20x2L version my last cartridge was a ortofon 2m bronze. The Dynavector is everything the 2m wasn't. Fast more clear and no sense of slugging and better detail. The only thing the Dynavector That I'm disaponted is the bass definition. Don't kid me wrong the bass goes lower on bass heavy tracks. But it lacks bass being pronounced  and definition which the 2m bronze has. 
So my question would it be worth Getting the Dynavector xx2 because I hear nothing but good things of the bass response on it?
My intuition tells me that the turntable and arm may be the weak link.
EDIT: I was looking at your Systemdeck ll but realize you’ve an RP8. Carry on! You should have got the ART9.

I have the 20x2L and find the bass authoritative and deep.  Maybe adjust the cart/tonearm to your taste as needed.
I had the dealer mount it with 2.19gram tracking force. I don't know if that's too much. Though I find that the Rega has more bass then the systemdek. Especially with the 2m bronze.
6moons review said bass was lean. You could try adjusting VTA and weight. Seems to prefer lower loading at 30R.