Next up... new speakers...

For better or worse, my approach to building my system has been to progressively upgrade one component at a time as budget permits, working from the front end to the speakers and then looping back to the front end again.

When I last upgraded speakers some 9-10 years ago, the B&W N805s I chose were the strongest "link" in the chain... now, maybe not so much. :) The current system:

Cary 306 -> BAT VK-30 -> Ayre V5x -> B&W N805 + REL Stadium

Interconnects are Cardas Golden Cross XLR, speaker wires are Cardas Neutral Reference.

Now I have "the bug" again... the N805s have served me well, but its time to move on. Something more full range would be nice.

The room I'm working with is pretty large -- 20x27, a vaulted ceiling (14' at side walls, 17' at center), with one 20' end open to another 14x24 room.

I'm looking for suggestions for speakers to audition that would be synergistic with rest of the system, that can "energize" this large space.

Musical tastes run the gamut from rock to blues to jazz to classical, so one-trick ponies need not apply.

Budget... mid-to-hi 4 figures. What would *you* suggest?
That's exactly what I was thinking; but I am biased being a Dynaudio dealer. Definitely worth a listen...
All you have given is a price range. And that you have a large room to fill.

This suggests you should look at larger three ways - however you will find it tough to find something as good as this monitor. It is one of the "gems" in B&W's line up - competing with speakers easily three times the cost. As you have had them for a long time then you must like the sound. You should look for larger powerful three ways with a response that competes with this Awesome on and off axis response (which has only a slight midrange "scoop") - not at all easy to achieve in the target price range you are aiming at - meaning I am sorry to say you may need to "up" the budget somewhat - your speakers, although bordering on small for such a large space, are no slouches!
I've heard the Coincident Super Eclipse III's with your Ayre amp (actually I think it was the VX5e) and they sounded superb together. They'd be worth an audition, though they've been replaced with a different model line which I cannot speak for in terms of matching with your amp.

Good luck!