NHT XD's well built?

Have been considering buying new/used pair of nht xd's. Considering that nht is going out of business, or is out of business, just wanted to know if these babies are built to last.



Just so that people are clear, I want to point out that only the XdW has built-in amplification. The XdS monitors are powered by amps housed in the XdA DEQX/amplifier module which is no longer available.

There is a discussion on another forum about building passive x-overs for the XdS as well as the possibility of using other electronic x-overs like the Behringer DCX.

Thanks for clarifying - I didn't realize that the mains were powered by the central NHT/DEQX x-over unit that's not available with this purchase. Four additional channels of amplification would be required - and, therefore, my economic analysis of relative purchase price should be moified accordingly.


BTW - I'm not sure that changes the final conclusion as to relative value, particularly if you value RC highly.
Jack Hidley was Director of Engineering for NHT. How do you get to his ads? If I type Homecast.net I get some satellite TV receivers.
I recently bought the NHT Xds from Listen Up. No problems whatsoever. This is a great speaker system. The Xds have the best off axis response I have ever heard. I still own a pair of NHT VT-3s. (another great speaker for the money)