nice turntable that plays 78s

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a turntable that plays 78s as well as 33s (45 is optional though I'd guess that most tables that play the first two would play 45). Don't want to spend more than about $500, used of course. Any recommendations? Also, will I have to change the cartridge/stylus setup when moving between 33s and 78s?

Many thanks.
Hi again Albert,

Thanks for the link, my feeble mind is beginning to catch up now! I'm definitely considering buying the plinth that's on the 'Gon right now. Looks to be exactly what I need...
Hi Lousyreeds, great to see someone getting enthusiastic! Albert is very definitely the greatest expert on setting up that particular plinth, but if you need any help in setting it up with a tonearm & etc. then don't hesitate to contact me. I've actually never even tried one of my Lencos on 78, and I've had them for more than a decade, ever since they blew away my high-end belt-drives, *sniff*! But I bought some mint-conditon 78 LPs and will try them soon.
I just went down this road while looking for a gift for my father. He has many, many old 78s that he hasn't heard in years as well as a fair number of LPs. This was my choice:

I can't make any claims about audiophile quality since I don't have much experience in the turntable department, but I've never heard 78s sound so good. It's belt driven and everything you need is included for far less than the $500 you mentioned. The great thing is that with 4 different "78 rpm" settings, it covers all of those off-speed 78s that Alberporter mentioned and it makes a huge difference. It's easy to tell right away at what speed a song was really recorded, even if you don't know the song. You do have to change styli between 78s and LPs, but it's quick and easy, provided your eyesight isn't too bad. All I can tell you for sure is that my dad is enjoying his tremendously. Hope that helps.
Also can play them (every product but the basic Scout, I think) - with the controller you can even phase shift. One of the arguements that almost swayed me to the dark side.
Delrin platter and bearing assembly, speed controller from 16 to 80 - the works. Looks like a fairly audiophile affair. Shellac rules.