Nice upgrade to Hales T5’s

I have a pair of Hales T5’s with upgraded crossovers and upgraded Seas Millennium tweeters. I actually love these speakers but for the sake of conversation and a possible one day move what speakers would be a nice upgrade to these modded Hales? I just recently had the speakers repaired and measured and they are in excellent condition. I ask for fun as my Hales sound really good but for the hobbies sake what speakers would be a nice upgrade. My amp is a Pass X250.8 and my preamp is a Pass XP-32. I am using a PS Audio Directstream dac with a Perfectwave transport and an Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer. From what I have read Joseph Audio speakers look interesting as do Magico and Vandersteen. I truly do ask out of curiosity as I believe my Hales T5’s to be much more valuable than what I could get for them on the used market. I’ve invested approximately $1500 to each speaker in tweeters and crossovers.


For fun I’ve been looking online at the Joseph Audio Perspective 2 speakers but at 25 thousand dollars I will stay with my modded Hales. The Hales are classic vintage speakers at this point and with the mods I have done to them are worth keeping.

Mitch I think you're making the right move you own the speakers and they sound good to you. And as you've assessed replacement cost for a full range speaker that good would be very high. The only thing  I'd suggest is maybe get out and audition some current offerings and see how they stack up to your Hales.


As I've written, I own the Joseph Perspectives (and have heard the graphene version too), and also owned Hales T5s.  I prefer the Perspectives but no way in heck would I personally think the MSRP of the Perspectives are "worth it" over the Hales T5s.   You are so close with the regular Hales T5s as it is, and if you've achieved better with upgrades, no reason for the Joseph speakers.

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