Nice vintage $2k Turntable, cartridge, and phono stage

I currently have a current version Rega P3, I am looking to make a change. I have   been drawn recently to vintage turntables especially with wooden plinths. The looks of the turntable are important (maybe more than they should be).  I would like a good looking TT with a modern phono stage, used is fine, and a good quality cartridge. I’d be happy with a “good” not necessarily great sounding setup to go with my Simaudio integrated and KEF R5 speakers.

Anyone have any experience they can share? 


@lewm yes i have heard Eclipse in 3 systems now…. it would turn a Sapphire in good working order into a formidable table.

Agree on Denon or any vintage table pricing…my local shop here in San Diego has a DP-1250,  Grace 707 arm and almost new Ortofon Bronze for ask of $950

to the OP - i am not a super big Linn fan for those new to TT as they require some key adjustments to get the most out of them, once tuned they are capable of great sound ( footfall skipping on bad old house floors is an issue )…

You can't go wrong with a VPI HW-19 Mk 3 or 4. There's plenty out there that have been pretty tricked out with nice tonearms, etc.. Built like a tank and simple. I've had mine since 1989. Mine's gloss black, but they also came in solid wood you could refinish to your heart's content.

Have you read the Recommended Components lists published by Stereophile & The Absolute Sound? Lots of ideas there, all vetted by people who compare such gear all the time.

Another source is anything that Michael Fremer has published, such as his TrackingAngle & older AnalogPlanet reviews & YouTube videos. Mikey has never let me down.

And re: buying used gear, lists from past years are available on those magazines’ Web sites.

If one of the offers in the link is attractive and is purchased for close to the price seen at present, the overall cost will increase by approx’ $400 to cover the services handling and Packing for Shipping + Shipping. I am not familiar with US local import fees, but to the UK I calculate for 25% addition to a purchase price.

Looking at options there is the chance to have a DP-80 at the door for between $1000 - $1500.

A 100V Power Supply will be required to have the item put to use.

Or the DP-75

If you are in the Oregon area I have an original Xerxes table listed on US Audiomart that May interest you.