Nick Drake and others like him

Have enjoyed getting to know Nick Drakes music...was wondering if there are others from the same era in the same vein that I should hear... this was before my time!
Yes, I find that the thing that ,above all else, draws one to Nick Drake is a sense of profound mystery in his songs...the deep attachment to something perhaps he himself could not get a handle on-something that ultimately overwhelmed him. ...that is what I find missing in so many of the others. Usually, there is no experience of the trancendant there or the mythic. I did hear that in Tim Buckley to some extent... Have not listened enough to the others to make the same.

"Black-Eyed Dog" is perhaps the most poignant example of what I'm talking about. Sometimes it gives me the creeps so bad that I have to just skip over it.

I find that "Way to Blue" is a wonderful album even if some of the strings were added later on in production.
Yes, "Way to Blue" is great, even though I have all the albums, I usually grab it when I want to hear him, even over the "treasury" hits on vinyl.
daniel martyin moore "stray age" on sub pop lp also avail. w/ 7" on shake it records.
Another one to check out with some similarities to Nick Drake is "Around In Circles" by Dan Arborise on the UK Just Music label, produced by Jon Hopkins.