Nicks or McVie.....

Which singer do the fine people of Audiogon prefer? In the past, personally, I always preferred the sound of Stevie Nicks. It was in the early 2000’s that the show South Park lured my mind into thinking Stevie Nicks sounded like a billy goat. Having mostly cleared my mind of such nonsense, McVie is still my preferred set of female vocals. Fleetwood Mac is a fine institution regardless of who happens to be on lead vocals.
Ha! I have for years associated Nicks' singing with not a billy goat, but rather sheep. Baaah.

There is a female singer I was in a band with in the late-70's who now does a Stevie Nicks tribute act. Corporate-type gigs, which pay well. I've never understood Nicks' appeal, but I am obviously in the minority. As the old saying goes, there's no arguing with success.  
Christine. Stevie is Stevie, but too much vibrato in her style for me personally.
“Ha! I have for years associated Nicks' singing with not a billy goat, but rather sheep. Baaah.”

By the way:

There is a pic somewhere on the 'net of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham on stage at Mother Butler High School in San Jose, California, when the two were members of local group "Fritz". The pic was taken in 1967, I believe, and Stevie has a "flip" hairdo (you old geezers know what I mean) and is wearing a formal gown! Mother Butler was a Catholic girls school, with a strict dress code. I had performed there the year before, and was required to wear a dress shirt and tie. ;-) 
Stevie Nicks is, in my opinion, one of the most highly overrated singers. 

Compare her to this, for example:

Stevie always sounds like she's singing with a clothespin on her nose; and if she sings one more song about Sarah...
Both can play in my band.  Love Stevie’s harmonies and christines lead vocals. 

" Neither. But Stevie used to be hot"

. .  and what, exactly, does this have to do with music ????
Stevie sexily purrs. Christine sounds like a wholesome '60's folkie who somehow found herself in a rock band. Yeah, I prefer Stevie.
My favorite Mac LP is Live in Chicago, but of the two women in question, my nod would go to Christine.  Partly because I think she is the superior song writer, and therefore sounds better when singing her own tunes.  
Definitely C McVie. Never understood the respect given to Stevie. Her vocals give me the heebie-jeebies. 
Great post. I’ve had many heated debates over this topic. McVie has always been better to my ears. Listen to her in “warm ways”. Puts a smile on my face every time. 
Why the either/or? Why must we humans insist on rating and ranking incommensurables? Christine is a great writer/vocalist. Stevie is a great writer/vocalist. Neither is the GOAT, but then who is, or should be? Is anything better than Della Reese's Puccini adaptation "Don't You Know?" Depends on the mood and the occasion. To the best of my knowledge, Christine Perfect McVie has never written or performed lead vocal on any song that wasn't a straightforward love song. But that's her genre, and hers are always sincere, never sappy. Stevie Nicks covers a wider range in a more abstract way, but is more distant, less warmly lovable. Take your pick, depending on mood and occasion. But "who's best?" is a false forced choice which I decline to make. Except that Christine doing "I'd Rather Go Blind" with Chicken Shack was a hell of a launching pad. 
Saw them both with Fleetwood Mac in 1977 at a Heart Fundraiser, in Phoenix. Check out the seminal album Buckingham Nicks, their first and only recorded LP together. Rumor at the time was her father paid for the studio and record pressings. All things said they both had their strength and weakness.
   As a side note, at that time, Evolution Records tried to sell me a 45 of the Beans.  How did I know they would change their name to The Tubes.  Such is life.
The McV...a Legend before The Nicked went Earth Goddess and became chubby to prove it....*LOL*

"...Stop draggin' my heart around!"

@dwmaggie...White dopes on punk; saw them in Oakland way too long ago....way too fun...:)
For me its got to be the Gypsy. I've had a crush on her since I was a kid.

Its funny to read all the negative comments about one of the most beautiful singers of a generation

Especially from for those in the crowd that the older they get the better they were.

Pat Benetar anyone?
   I have been listening to Christine Perfect since she was with Chicken Shack back in the late 60's. Stevie Nick's not so much.
Christine Perfect.

Just bought McVie/Buckingham and her voice is still pretty good.

I don't know about "singers"--Linda Ronstadt is a SINGER, or "vocalist" if you will.


The singing STYLES fit the song, and NEITHER are "vocalists" in the old school way-- Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney, Bette Midler, The Andrews Sisters, etc.

But, it is a GREAT song, so...I think many (rock) groups record the "best" choice for a specific song--Beatles, Stones, etc.  Buddy Holley was clearly NOT a "vocalist" but a "stylist" like most today.  

A "singer" or "vocalist" today might be Diana Krall...

Both Nicks and McVie are fine at what they do...I can't sing a lick, so I appreciate what ALL of them do.

Oh, I like them both...

Stevie has a powerful dynamic voice, is an accomplished writer of evocotive lyrics and music, and was in her prime, an alluring stage presence...the whole package!  Christine's softer voice is more easy on the ears, but lacks the punch Stevie brings, and her songs don't carry the poetic weight of her bandmate's, IMO.  That they shared a stage and traded off in one of the greatest bands of all time...that's been a joy for all of us, so why worry who's "better"? 
As a pure singer, give me Linda Ronstadt any day.  Or Annie Lennox. Or Aretha. Or...
I like Julie London's voice. Never get tired of it. Yea, she is not rock and roll, but a beautiful soothing voice none the less.
Since we’re comparing them, we have to compare their work with Fleetwood Mac because Stevie definitely had the better solo career. When comparing their work with Fleetwood Mac, of their biggest hits, Stevie sang lead only on Rhiannon, Dreams, Sara, and Gypsy. Not bad, but Christine sang lead on 8 of their biggest hits, including my personal favorites, You Make Loving Fun and Everywhere. Got to go with Christine on this one. But her solo stuff was not so good. Oh, and as for greatest female rock singer, that has to go to Grace Slick in my humble opinion.

Especially on Bare Trees and Mystery To Me LPs......both prior to either Buckingham or Nicks.
I think they are both great in their own way and together. Their voices fit the music they do.
Peter Green. The Nicks- Buckingham version of the Mac is a completely different incarnation following the departure of Peter Green, who founded the band.

Give a listen to “Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac”; “English Rose” and particularly “Then Play On”…this one of the best albums ever made….
….but between Nicks and Christine Perfect Mc Vie, I will take the latter….
Christine for me, but I LOVED Stevie's young voice on The BuckinghamNicks album.  My wife and I each brought a copy of that LP into our marriage. 
Just today I learned the musicians who appear on the 1973 Buckingham Nicks album include Jim Keltner and Ron Tutt on drums and Jerry Scheff on bass. Damn it, another album I must now acquire.
The Buckingham Nicks album was unknown to me as well. Will definitely have to check it out. 
By the way: Many years later Keltner, Tutt, and Scheff also appear on Elvis Costello's King Of America album, to my taste his best.
Love them both, disparate styles or no. Always interesting to me how such different talents integrate so smoothly into the 'sound' of the band. wonderful interplay between members. Do I have a preference? Christine McVie
If I have to pick one, it would be Christine McVie.   I really like her slightly raspy voice, and I love most of her writings in Fleetwood Mac.

Stevie Nicks has probably one of the most unique singing style/voice in rock.   It could be an acquired taste for some people, and I find it to be fatiguing at times.   But she's a fabulous backing vocalist on many of the Fleetwood Mac songs with McVie in the lead.

I'm not dismissing Stevie Nicks at all, and I do really like her voice.  I think having them both together is what made Fleetwood Mac such a successful band.

I saw/heard Buckingham & Nicks live in their local San Jose garage band---Fritz---in the summer of ’68 (the opening act at The Santa Clara County Folk/Rock Festival, the headliner the doors. The Electric Flag preceded the doors, and were a tough---impossible---act to follow). Just another local band, no better or worse than many others.

I didn’t hear of their 1973 debut album, but even if I did I wouldn’t have known they came out of Fritz. For some reason, very few San Jose bands had enough professional aspiration/ambition to make the move to L.A. (or perhaps self-confidence). Lindsey and Stevie did. I’m not certain, but I believe The Doobie Brothers got their Warner Brothers deal without making the move from SJ to LA.