Nikko Alpha 130/Beta 30 with Cerwin Vega Towers

Hey guys I picked up a set of Cerwin Vega ClSC-12 tower speakers. I just want to use them for parties and stuff. Mostly Rap

Im not really satsified with sound and more specifically the bass.

I tried a new sony stereo receiver that didnt do the trick.
I tried a Denon home theater receiver and not even that did the trick.
I also tried my mini-system which puts out 140 rms at 6 Ohms and that didnt do the trick either

The subwoofer in the towers does move, but just doesnt produce good bass.

I was recently told by someone that I need a power amplifier to make those towers shine. They arent receiving enough amperage

I was thinking of going with the Nikko Beta 30 Pre-amp and the Nikko Alpha 130 Power amplifier. I am kind of on a budget right now but I can get these at a good price.

What do you guys think of this pre-amp and power amp.

Oh yea the speakers are in mint condition no tears or anything. There 2 years old.

Thankyou Very Much
Keep in mind that even to notice a volume difference, you need to double the power (3db gain). So, if a 100 watt receiver didn't do it, 200 watts won't get too much more? Stick with what you have and invest in a Cerwin Vega powered sub. You need 10-15 inch with a minimum of 200 watts most likely. Sounds like you may not be happy unless you buy a 1000watt velodyne?
I know what you mean but I always wanted to have just 2 tower speakers that made good bass.

I mean they dont sound to bad right now but what do you guys think of the power amp/pre-amp combo.

Should make those speakers sound good no?
Personally, I'd look for old Adcom or NAD. They are a little heftier when it comes to output.