NIN hesitation marks

Just got done listening to the vinyl version of this new release over the weekend and wow, am I ever impressed. It isn't JVC Supervinyl, but it's really close; very quiet heavy disks in anti-static lined sleeves. The records are both very well-pressed and the fidelity is outstanding. Even the album art is superior.

Did it back-to-back with my MFSL of The Nightfly, and it didn't suffer much in comparison. Remarkable IMO, since that particular Fagen pressing remains one of the all-time greats to come out of MFSL's heyday.

Has anyone else checked out this latest from Trent Reznor and what do you think?
Two of my sons saw this tour last weekend. My boys are musically very open minded and I'd say I'm impressed with their taste in music. We had a conversation about the concert where they talked and I listened and it lasted for well over an hour. The youngest was a bit speechless by the whole thing. Needless to say, my wife and I are jealous.

I think Trent Reznor is a genius. I'm glad he decided to produce more NIN. I don't listen to his music a lot, but when I'm in he mood it's very special.
In the same vein, try out the latest Gary Numan release, Splinter: Songs From a Broken Mind. Yup, that Gary Numan. A worthy contender to the latest NIN in my opinion.