NIN Pretty Hate Machine remaster

Anybody pick it up? Quality of the original recording was decent...improvements?
Just got it for $7.99 at Amazon. Pretty impressed by the mastering quality--very good job. It was apparently supervised by Reznor himself. I'd recommend it. Hope this helps.
its on its way to me...will post once i put it to work. very excited about this release!
Amazon delivered my remastered vinyl of PHM today. Overall a stellar effort, although the digital haze on the CD version of Head Like a Hole gave it a certain quality the remaster just doesn't have. The "quiet" songs, though, like Sanctified, Something I Can Never Have, and That's What I Get, are simply stunning. The bass is prodigious compared to the CD, and the separation of the instruments in the mix is much more distinct.

Well worth the money.