Nina Simone '4 Women' compilation

re: Nina Simone 4 Women, 4 CD box set

What is the sound quality on these?

A nice buy with 7 LPs on for CDs for $49 at Barnes & Noble but I wonder about the sonics.

any info appreciated

As a long time Nina Simone fan I purchased this box when it first came out. It is a diverse collection of 7 lps on the Philips label. I found the quality to be quite good and the as always the music is wonderful. I have an extensive collection of Nina on lp and cd and this box set was a welcome addition. It is priced right and lps are almost impossible to find and the cds are also getting harder to find. Buy and enjoy.
thanks Rec,

I will buy it. I just discovered Nina Simone, I know it seems I must live under a rock to just now hear her music but I am glad I did. I have her CD Finest Hour (after hearing a cut from it on WIDR - a local collage radio station) and it is excellent, every song a treasure!

Also I looked at some of your previous threads and saw the Eva Cassidy post about her American Tune CD which I somehow missed and bought and look forward to hearing soon so, thanks again!