No binding post a good idea?

I want to ask your opinion about my "No binding post" idea. I think the binding post degrades the quality of signal and sound very much because the post is made of one of larger metal in the signal chain. If a speaker cable from an amp is directly connected to speaker's internal wire, the signal will be purer. I have a design (pat. pend.) for a binding post without the metal connection bar. Do you think the sound will be better? What should I consider a relation to the sound with NBP?

My initial test was very positive. I'd like know your opinion before I invest money on this project. I appreciate your help in advance!

The reason we are discussing mythical products is……..most all the products we discuss are mythical at least to us. We read the reviews and believe or don't believe the reviewer, we listen at a dealers shop with products we have no experience with in a room not like ours to music we didn't bring.

It is all mythical...
I am the first person that I know of that thought of, promoted and sold products using the "binding post bypass system". You simply run the wires to the outside of the amp or speaker and wrap the bare or tinned wire around the outside of the binding post and use the binding post as a clamp. You can see a pic on my website from a link on my "discontinued amps" page. We showed this at the Stereophile show in the late 90s on the Christian Limited speakers. I thought of a binding post design that would be similar to the Music Post except you would run the wire through the middle of the post (the post being hollow all the way through) and then solder it into slots on the clamping surface. Never did get around to making them. Maybe that is what you are doing. All my amps I have ever sold use this binding post bypass system.

However, even better is to use no metal what so ever. I sell these products called Ground Enhancers that are loops of litz wire. When you put them on the ground connection on a speaker it gives more detail (sometime startlingly so). I have soldered all my speaker connections for 20 years but I needed a way to evaluate quickly different types of Ground Enhancers. So, I clamped a Music Post onto my already soldered together wires coming out of my speakers so I could also clamp the Ground Enhancer there. I decided to listen to see if this clamped on Music Post did anything to the sound....and guess degraded the sound noticeably....even though it was "not really in the signal path". Anotherwords, a carefully tuned litz wire on the ground enhances the sound whereas a large hunk of copper degrades the sound. So, on my new speaker kits (BG Neo planar drivers and Servo woofer systems) I will be promoting either inexpensive nylon clamps (one quarter inch round nylon bolts and nuts and washers are dirt cheap) or even more fun will be hardwood clamps that I will have custom made. Nothing sexier than turning a cool hardwood knob.

Binding posts, spades and bananas should be outlawed. They ruin the sound.
Interesting thread and very applicable for me in an upcoming situation that I'm facing since I'll be mounting up some speakers in a cabinet soon and was just looking at wbt binding posts today.

My qiluestion is, if you don't use a binding post then what would you use? Just have wire soldered to the crossover and hanging 8 feet outside the cabinet?
World of audio is full of markets...binding posts, interconnects,connectors,anti-binding posts, anti-interconnects,etc...everbody jockeying for their piece if the sonic meat pie