no body is buying anything on audiogon

90 percent of the ads on audiogon nobody buys. why advertise its not going to sell
The economy is DEFINITELY to blame. Two weeks ago, I was eating in my cousin's fancy restaurant. Her and her husband also own an upscale furniture store. I spoke to them about how things were going. They said that things have been well off pace since late 2000. For both businesses. Couple that with a friend of mine who is a salesman at an Audi dealership. He has been telling me all year that things are a good 30% off from the previous year. It is just a normal human reaction to conserve when things seem to be tight. Witness the Japan of the past decade.
Ebay sales are really low as well. The only ones with any money are those north of the border. Canada's economy is still motoring along with low unemployment.
Not true. I sold three components on Audiogon in the last 3 months. Two in one day and the last in about a week for the advertized price. Depends what ya selling? MikE
I agree with mwalsdor, I sold my pass 350 and syn. cables in a week. Depends on what your selling and price. Lets face it even if you by new does anyone pay full retail NO ?
Dealers are discounting things as well . I got 70% of what I paid for my equipment,,what else can you get 70% of purchase price back.Cars No Jewlry NO . In this econemy take your 70% and run.Hell I paid $30 for PALM last year now its $6 I fell real lucky with 70%
If things are not selling here, DSSMAN may have something to do with it. I will no longer buy from someone that is not a dealer or a regular here.