NO CES Updates???

I am shocked that I have not heard anything from anyone about CES or THE Show today? New Maggies? PS Audio??
Decco, it was really impressive sounding. Not for a huge room, but for an office, bedroom (not too big) a small Apt (hello NY, Paris, London, Tokyo, Boston, Rome, Chicago, San Fran...) it was fantastic. Smooth sound.
I saw one at a local dealer recently.

It caught my eye but I did not have a chance to listen.

Next time....
Reading between the lines and the actual comments mentioning it, attendance at the CES was down noticeably this year. (around 110,000 instead of 141,000 last year) That's attendees (not exhibitors), and that's massive.
The economy and the CES's high prices for exhibitors have driven away many companies. The CES glosses that over, only telling us about the 300 new exhibtors, but not the number of companies that have down-sized or dumped the CES altogether.
So what does the CES do? They add their "spin" to the news. Quality over quantity (in attendees as well as exhibitors) Exhibitors quoted as saying they like less traffic (Right!! roll of eyes ) as it gives them more time to spend with people "they really want to see". (Funny, I thought they went there for as much exposure as they could get!)

Now CES is talking about charging a $100.00 pre-registration fee to attendees to keep the quality of attendees higher. What a crock!! That's a money grab!! As if $100.00 fee will keep someone away who is willing to spends hundreds or a thousand dollars to fly there and stay at a hotel. (Not!)

It's all about money; that's all the CES cares about. If attendance is down, they'll get it somewhere else, this time, in the name of a bullsh*t idea to get "quality attendees".
I guess the rebel T.H.E. Show isn't going to die just yet...
Golden_ears, I don't know about the preregistration fee you mention but think it would discourage casual attendees. As a dealer it probably wouldn't change my plans, since seeing people and products is important. As a consumer I might think twice. It could be an empty threat by CES, though. Last year there were rumors about CES moving to Orlando starting in 2011, but that's the last I heard of it. Attendance was down 22% from last year.