NO CES Updates???

I am shocked that I have not heard anything from anyone about CES or THE Show today? New Maggies? PS Audio??
Golden_ears, I don't know about the preregistration fee you mention but think it would discourage casual attendees. As a dealer it probably wouldn't change my plans, since seeing people and products is important. As a consumer I might think twice. It could be an empty threat by CES, though. Last year there were rumors about CES moving to Orlando starting in 2011, but that's the last I heard of it. Attendance was down 22% from last year.
For Mapman:
Well, ya, the CES puts on this show to promote the electronics industry, but if the weren't making a ton of money doing it, they'd stop doing it.
When it comes to "Specialty Audio", Exhibitors have been complaining for years, no, almost decades, about restrictive CES policies, high prices and fees, Union restrictions, etc. That's what started the whole Rebel show scene in the first place. That's why THE Show exists...and drives the CES crazy. That means the CES had to try to be somewhat competitive, particularly when THE Show was right next door to them for years. They moved to the Strip to get rid of THE Show, knowing the the competiton could not afford to do it, at least not without raising their prices to CES levels.
The problem with that is that the prices have increased dramatically for CES exhibitors and even more are dropping out. Many exhibitors prefer to do the Consumer shows like RMAF and Montreal now.

The CES is supposed to be a Trade-only show, but we all know some non-Trade people and family get in, through their buddies at stores, manufacturers, distributors, etc. In that case, they are not paying anyway; their buddies got them in free as "employees". A $100.00 fee is NOT going to stop them, because it won't apply.
Even if some "casual" people are able to get registered, the $100.00 fee is NOT going to stop them either; that's a small expense compared to travelling expenses, hotels, etc. The CES knows that will not stop them, and they are lying when they say they are instituting a fee to discourage people like that. They just want to collect some more money to make up for all the revenue they're losing from their shrinking exhibitor base!
Like I said, it's all "spin"...
i have attended ces for the last 15 years. i did not go this year.

here are some of my reasons.

at some point, i have had my fill of speakers, amps, and other components i have heard 5 times.

there are very few exhibits that have outstanding sound.
there is no purpose listening to mediocre sound, after the novelty has worn off.

there are very few advancements in technology.
there is "sameness" in the sound of push pull amplifiers and many tube preamps. many 24 bit , oversampling digital sources have a lot in common, sonically.
Mrtennis, this was my first and last CES. I couldn't agree with you more, and I have only been once. With a few notable exceptions; Vandersteen, Magnepan, MBL, and Peachtree Audio, nothing was really mind blowing. Also, if attendance was donw 22% this year, I cannot imagine how packed it normally is. It seemed packed to me at CES, THE Show was pretty sparse.

It was fun to go once just to see it. Vegas is such a wierd place though......