No discussion about the Synergistic Pink fuse?

I can't believe my eyes.

The pink fuse is not a joke either. Although it sounds like one after Quantum, Black, Blue, Orange, Purple, Master... did I miss something?


Purple has been great for my dac and CD transport, but too bright for my phono preamp. Jokes can be made of their effectiveness but they are the bottle neck to power reaching your equipment. That's a fact. In certain cases, they offer better improvements than power cables in my system. But of course that is another line of products for some to joke about... I however do agree that the rainbow progression over the years is a bit much to absorb. Purple is enough for me, completely satisfied with my sound as is.

All part of their new diversity and inclusion plan...Pink is now no longer a marginalized fuse.

Fuses make a difference, Donavabdear said no fuse is better than a fuse. I wonder about that. I have bypassed fuses and have been shocked by how much better my system sounded. Fuller bass, expanded sound stage to name a couple, but I wonder if the Synergistic fuses don't also perhaps bring some subtle filtering into the system all the while somehow increasing current flow.

If you can't hear a difference in either wires nor fuses, you are truly blessed. The money you will save will be significant! Ignorance is bliss!


I blew a couple of hifi fuses (ouch!) because I didn’t get slo blo.  Rookie mistake.  So I cut them apart to see what’s inside.  It was a thin wire between two end caps.  A piece of teflon tubing was shrouding the filament inside a ceramic tube.  It seems other types of hifi fuses use mineral fill around the filament.  And maybe some silver plated end caps for a good connection.  Looks like a labor intensive assembly process hence the high cost.

My theory is they find some way to dampen the thin wire from mechanical vibrations.  The wire itself is maybe high grade OCC copper plated with silver and is directional- just like certain cables.

The good news is, hifi fuses will blow if overloaded.