No frills CD player for tube amp

Any suggestions on a great sounding "no frills" cd player to match up with my Rogue Audio Tempest II Magnum. Tube or ss considered.Looking for a more "laid back" (for lack of a better term) sound. I have an NAD cd player now and it is way too bright on the top end.Speakers are Paradigm Monitor 7v.4. Budget is $1200.00 max. for a new or "fairly new" used unit. There is absolutely no place in my area that carries 2-channel equipment, so no place to demo. Help !!!!! Thanks
Doge6 tube CD player from Pacific Valve. An amazing player with an expansive, beautiful sound. A bit over your budget, but that's the way things always go.
If your CDP has digital out, it would be hard to beat a Classe' DAC-1 for a very smooth, musical sound at $1K used.