No one actually knows how to lculate what speaker cable they need

It goes back to cable manufaturars, mostly provide no relevant data! to sales and the users. None will answer this!
Whay do you think that you own now the optimal cable to your setup?
I think I've figured it out. 

All qualities they say they give the cables: Cooper purity, use of silver, cryogenic treatment, Bi Wire, Burn In etc’ - has nothing to do with the spec. of a speaker cable. It’s all snake oil mambo jumbo, to cover their and customers ignorance.
I'll ask you a second time: If you don't care for the data being provided by cable manufacturers, what data is it that you seek?
I don't know why you want to use 0 AWG wire unles it's in an automobile setup. 

"I hope this doesn't damp ones enthusiasm ... ;-)"

dill, how do you actually gauge ones enthusiasm?

" dill, how do you actually gauge ones enthusiasm?"
- A polygraph? ...... ;-)