No-one talks about Rowlands anymore

It's Pass all over the place. Is Rowland going down big time or terribly and expensively up?
Rowland.............class d.............less sales.
  If he hasn’t figured this out, he soon will.
Clueless statement.  Most of Rowland sales are to the Asian markets where they are more concerned with sound quality and build quality than price.  He can not build them fast enough to meet the demand.   
Actually, Rowland produces a mix of class A/B and class D power amplifiers. Its monoblock M735 flagship, as well as the M625 S2 stereo amp, both run in class A/B.

See for example the M735 page at:

The only Rowland power amplifier product in production that  operates in class D is the entry level M125 bridgeable.

Conversely, both of its integrated amp offerings, Continuum S2 and Daemon, feature class D power amplification subsystems.

Regards, Guido

I have 2 Rowland Model 12 monoblocks powering JM Lab Mezzo Utopia's and would be interested in knowing who makes a better amp for the same money...
I expect crickets.....