No sneering Please

Please no flaming.

Audio snobbery aside, has anyone ever done an objective  comparative test of the latest chifi TPA3255 chip powered amps vs the 'high-priced spread'?

I am prepared to be shocked.

No sneering, please.


I am a happy owner of an LSA Warp 1 amp.  Stunning Class D performance at a great price.  Does everything well on my system.  Prefer it to an LTA Z40 amp that I didn’t care for and have since sold.  I don’t own and have not compared it to any of the grown ups.

Without question I love the sound of the 3255 amp chip. To my ears it just sounds right. I have several Aiyima A07s  one of the first small inexpensive amps with this chip. I Immediately enjoyed the sound and continue to do so. I have replaced two higher priced amps with these little guys (albeit in smaller secondary system).

I just order the new Fosi ZA3 which seems to take this cheap solution to the next level. 

Are these amps something to ogle over build quality and audiophile jewelry? Heck no! Will they last ? Maybe not as long as others. But then again just buy another. So try one out you might be pleasantly surprised as I was (as I am still).

I had a bit of an awakening recently. My office setup consists of Klipsch RP600M out in the room and Martin Logan 15i on the desktop. I have a Nakamichi TA-2A receiver (the Nelson Pass STASIS model) powering both. On a whim, I replaced the Nak with the Fosi V3 (with 4562 opamps) and was immediately taken aback by the lack of transparency, high frequency extension, and bass control exhibited by the Fosi. It also sounded like the music was much further away with less immediacy. I also tried the Aiyima A07 and it was better, but still nowhere near as good as the Nak.  Prior to this I was listening to the A07, A08 and the Fosi V3 in both my office setup and main system and thinking they were great sounding amps, so I was very surprised by what I heard.

Ho Ho Ho - you guys till believe in Santa Claus, I mean reviews!
 Maybe check to see if the reviewer owns the product they are recommending.


I have a Fosi V3 I got after returning an Aiyima 07 both used in my workshop system with restored IMF Super Compact 3-ways.

Source is WiiM Pro analog out.  I also have  a Van Alstine Super PAS 3 and new build Dyna ST35 for comparison. I find the Fosi to be crisp, transparent, and enjoyable. I do slightly prefer the tube gear, but when I need space on my bench, it goes in the rack and I am happy with the tiny stack. I also use a Bellari PA550 as preamp in that setup, for phono. 

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