No way,No how,Never will...

After a few decades of assembling systems around the world,I find myself in front of the computer researching balanced power conditioners as I am currently in an apartment in Mpls.I never put much stock in exotic wires,isolation/vibration theories and the other periphirals[SP] and thought I was set for awhile after the usual upgrades[amps,speakers,sources].WRONG!!But,I promise never to investgate the tube equipment possibilities,no way,no how,never......
Yes, he should stick to his eardrums so that he will be able to hear the differences and benefits of power line conditioners, power cables, etc. If he sticks to the "theory" that they can not possibly make a difference, then he has no reason to tax himself beyond a Bose table radio.
Jafox - I think that I should have more strongly emphasized the word MOST, or maybe written 'many' or 'some' instead. If he is using equipment that has marginal internal voltage regulation or if his incoming ac line is very dirty, then a line conditioner can be a good thing. A 'know nada about specifics' blanket condemnation is just as wrong as a blanket reccomendation. Happy Listening!
USblues get some Black diamond racing cones (or another effective brand) and replace the feet to your amp. It won't take up anymore shelf space. Or to spend less get the audioquest (something?) feet. They are sorbothane (sp?) gel.

That should make an improvement.
Just back from a trip...thanks for that Robm,I have heard good things about them.Still waiting on some power cords and visits to my new friends cribs.Will close out this thread by saying thanks to all replys,looking forward to new frontiers,have a large weekend men[and women],Bob