No Wires..... Ever Wifey Dearest Audio Riddle

Much to my horror -- despite the persistance of my "exotic cable fetish" -- I seem to be buckling under the pressure of family life and thinking about -- gasp -- hiding all of my exotic wires.

Some of you may have read one of my earlier posts on a WAF friendly pedestal concept to hide multiple components in a pleasantly modern column.

It has occured to me however, that if entirely enclosed this might present some ventilation problems, or expose a tangle or wires behind the rack when opened up from behind to allow ventilation.

Therefore, does anyone know where I could buy perforated metal, like the type that is used to cover tube preamps? Maybe two sheets of that could sandwich a spaghetti tangle of wires yet still allow some air to flow.

Any other hide the wire ideas?
Cable Fetish ? Buckling ? Wife on a Pedestal ? Yes I Agree go for the metal sheets, but encase the wife , allowing for proper ventilation of course.
Have you considered using one of those paper mache Chinese dragons? Nobody would notice the wires.

Seriously, what's your configuration? If you have a rack, and the wires are behind it, a simple black cloth on the back of the rack would do the trick. Cut slits to pass the wires. For runs across a room, just keeping them neat against the wall can make a big difference. Another alternative is to use some PVC pipe and wrap appropriate, matching cloth around it. I don't think wire will need that much ventilation, but you can always drill a few holes in the pipe. Good luck.
Hi CW.

First, Man(!) How hot do your wires get that they need ventilation??? It seems to me that the smell alone of melting insulation would call attention and get you busted!

On a little more serious note you could go to a Lowe's or Home Depot and they have perforated metal sheets...brass, steel and I think even aluminum. The down side of this idea is that these metal sheets could very well act as a capacitive coupler which would change the performance of your cabling to some degree or another. Certainly, higher resolution systems would reveal this more profoundly.

Now, for better news! Ridge Street Audio Designs has always been about innovation and, of course, we have just the ticket for this dilemma. The product I will describe here is born out of my own experience with the problem you describe. See, my wife is very big boned, is 6'8" and has a testosterone imbalance...common with women born in the cold regions Buglislechvinia. If this isn't scary enough, she's very hairy but she makes a very hearty bread and soup meal. Very intimidating but the aroma of her cooking brings a certain level of comfort that balances the horror of her imposition.

Me, on the other hand, I come from a circus family. I'm 4'3 with nubs for arms and virtually no neck to speak of. I learned at the beginning of our marriage that when my wife spoke, I do well to listen. I wouldn't say she's controlling but I do require her permission for about everything I do.

I've had to go to excessive lengths to hide my obsessive purchases of audio gear through the years. To my credit, she still thinks I'm using a Dual 1225, Harmon Kardon 330B and Advent system I assembled when we married in the mid '70s. Wire? It looks like I'm still using 20 gauge zip but I'm really not.

Sorry, had to rest for a bit. My arms get tired quickly from trying to type.

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Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
My wife was awlays B=tching and moaning about all my wires. On and On, when are you going to clean up those wires . Clean up those wires or Im going to throw them in the garbage. How could she be so mean ? I really love my wires and their pretty little jackets. I dont want to hide them. I cant believe she got so hot about it. I can still hear her voice in my head and I cant make it stop. So I decided she needed a little cyrogenic treatment. Now her head is stuffed in the freezer. Does anyone know if Ridge Street Audio is giving away any Cd's with that utility upgrade ?
If you have pier and beam construction you can run long interconnect under the floor and with mono block amps behind each speaker, the only thing showing is the equipment face plates and the grill cloth.

I have everything hidden in my system. Not because my wife gives me grief about it, I'm just a tidy freak and enjoy my installation looking professional.

You can click the link beside my name (system) to see images. I do have access to the wires through a door, so I can still manage all my maintenance.
Well, as usual, I can't leave well enough alone. Seems I always forget something and since posts can't be edited here without causing needless extra work for the AudiogoN staff, I'll simply add to my above post. As follows:

As an option with additional cost, the upgraded unit mentioned above can even be installed underground. I hear you asking "What about the Mrs.? She won't allow that!" Yes she will. Again, our crew will come to your home posing as your city's Planning and Inspection Department with backhoe and crane equipment and install the new "septic system" your property needs to be up to code or face stiff fines and possibly even a lien on your property. The beauty of this is you don't even have to figure out how to hide the cost of the RSAD AC Generation just bought a new septic system and increased the value of your home! As for escaping to listen to music, we include a booklet full of inventive excuses to leave the house. BTW, this booklet comes with the standard upgrade mentioned in the above post too. Forgot to mention that. One of our favorites is the Fred Flintstone Fib: "Honey, I'm going to (Your Favorite Stereo Shop or Hardware Store). I'll be back after they close tonight or very early a.m.". Just think how proud your wife will be of you when you come home with...nothing! Go ahead, even have her search the car! And how pleased she'll be that you didn't head straight to the stereo system when you got home and better still, how little time you're spending with the system at all!

Again, Hope I need help.

Robert, that is hilarious. The free cd was a nice touch per earlier posts ;-) BTW, that could work. Hmmmm ...
This forum never ceases to amaze me! Cdc, thank you.

My latest challenge for this project: inside the pedestal, I would like to attach and hide an audiophile grade power block or power strip.

All of the wires (now attractively sandwiched in between perforated metal, thanks to Cdc) then plug into the internal 3 mile island.

The pedestal itself, therefore, has only one power "tail" and maybe some interconnects to run to the power amp, close to the speakers.

My wife should be thrilled?
I got home the other night and my wife sat down next to me and took my hand which means we are in for one ot those "discussions'.

She had had a friend over and I really need to do something about the wires.
......a wire slipped and there was no bass

She was terribly sorry.......

Good God; I do love her!
Put your wife on the pedestal, and you won't have to worry about this stuff!! ;-)
Naim recommends a Wiremold L10320 9 outlet power strip. No switches, fuses, etc. It has a grey aluminum case. I bought one from Electrical Wholesalers, a national chain, for about $35.00. It worked good but I wanted a surge protector so got a Tripp-Lite Isotel 6 for about $60.00.
Or you could go with a PS Audio "audiophile grade" $199.00 "juice bar" sold by