No Wires..... Ever Wifey Dearest Audio Riddle

Much to my horror -- despite the persistance of my "exotic cable fetish" -- I seem to be buckling under the pressure of family life and thinking about -- gasp -- hiding all of my exotic wires.

Some of you may have read one of my earlier posts on a WAF friendly pedestal concept to hide multiple components in a pleasantly modern column.

It has occured to me however, that if entirely enclosed this might present some ventilation problems, or expose a tangle or wires behind the rack when opened up from behind to allow ventilation.

Therefore, does anyone know where I could buy perforated metal, like the type that is used to cover tube preamps? Maybe two sheets of that could sandwich a spaghetti tangle of wires yet still allow some air to flow.

Any other hide the wire ideas?
This forum never ceases to amaze me! Cdc, thank you.

My latest challenge for this project: inside the pedestal, I would like to attach and hide an audiophile grade power block or power strip.

All of the wires (now attractively sandwiched in between perforated metal, thanks to Cdc) then plug into the internal 3 mile island.

The pedestal itself, therefore, has only one power "tail" and maybe some interconnects to run to the power amp, close to the speakers.

My wife should be thrilled?
I got home the other night and my wife sat down next to me and took my hand which means we are in for one ot those "discussions'.

She had had a friend over and I really need to do something about the wires.
......a wire slipped and there was no bass

She was terribly sorry.......

Good God; I do love her!
Put your wife on the pedestal, and you won't have to worry about this stuff!! ;-)
Naim recommends a Wiremold L10320 9 outlet power strip. No switches, fuses, etc. It has a grey aluminum case. I bought one from Electrical Wholesalers, a national chain, for about $35.00. It worked good but I wanted a surge protector so got a Tripp-Lite Isotel 6 for about $60.00.
Or you could go with a PS Audio "audiophile grade" $199.00 "juice bar" sold by