Noir album recommendations

New member, looking for recommendations for great Noir/Jazz/Film Noir albums, Vinyl or CD. I really enjoy Miles Davis' Ascenseur pour l'échafaud , Chinatown''s soundtrack and more recent artists like Paul Pritchard(Gumshoe Blues, Stool Pigeon) but I'm having a difficult time finding anything that isn't just general Jazz. Really interested in music that evokes that down on his luck Private Investigator in a corrupt city where its always raining and you just cant trust anyone, including the dame that just walked in with a "simple" job.


So many good recommendations, very much appreciated. While I was searching for several of these on youtube I also came across this 12 hour video that includes some of the recommendations as well as many others and its a great compilation.


You might like the Night Walks album by Hidden Orchestra or the Twin Peaks album by Angelo Badalamenti.

@windywoodworker Thanks for the post. Just what I was looking for but didn’t know it until I saw it.

Twin Danger’s 2014 self titled album, which features the late Vanessa Bley’s sultry vocals and Stuart Matthewman on sax. Stuart is a long-time guitarist and sax player for Sade.