Noise floors

I'd like to address an issue that every single audiophile experiences, that being inherent/ambient steady state noise floors. Here we spend so much effort and money on our equipment in order to lower noise floor and increase resolution, transparency, only to lose some percentage of it on relatively high ambient noise floors. By this I mean the noise generated internally by home, hvac systems and so much more, add to that external, outside the home generated noise. Measuring over many years, over large variables, lowest readings of mid 20db to highest mid 50db in my dedicated listening room, these are steady state readings, any particular system in house may activate and or outdoor generated noises, which are even more variable, may kick in raising if from here.

And so, while we can address both these internal and external generated noise floors to some extent, we can't rid ourselves entirely of them. I presume there are widely varying levels of these noise floors for each of us, and it should be accounted for in reviews or evaluations of equipment. And could be reason for trusting only long term reviews, with varying noise floor levels within one's listening room, short term listening could have taken place during time of best or worse case room noise floor.

But mostly what bothers me is, here all this effort and money spent on equipment in attempt to lower noise floor, and so much of that lost by relatively ridiculous levels of steady state and/or ambient noise. Makes one think about getting closed back headphones, or moving out to extremely remote area to home with minimal internally generated noise. To think how much better  the very system I presently have would sound in that environment!

I do not understand all this, apart from identifying that if there is much snow on the ground outside, then the sound inside is great
The neighborhood had a power outage two days ago. The silence was deafening.


Others have said the same thing.  My view is you don't get many power outages!  I live in an area where they are common, and I assure you, after five minutes, every generator within listening distance fires up, including my own. It's like a symphony of bad lawn mowers.
Tyre/ road noise far worse than anything else for me (has got worse over the years with wider and lower profiles and more traffic)- no-one seems to have done much about it

Apart from that  the weekend motorbike groups with their stupid loud pipes.
I'm not really sure I agree on the greater the system resolution, the less ambient noise floor should matter. As I've attained ever increasing levels of resolution, the more these ambient noises bother me. I tended to listen at higher volumes when system less resolving. Also, as my system's dynamics, resolution, transparency have improved I"m listening to much wider range of music genre, greater macro and micro dynamics mean quiet passages are that much quieter (system wise), higher level of ambient noise means I can't make out those minute micro dynamics quite as well as the macro, this phenomenon is very noticed in my room and system. Lower ambient noise levels would allow that minutiae to be heard better. At the level of system resolution I'm talking about every single little link in chain matters. I'd suggest listening room may be single most important component in audio systems. Even though I have dedicated listening room that's been judiciously treated with room acoustic devices, I'd now consider my room to be the weak link in system.

And I often hear the old adage, my system sounds better late at night. Usually you hear cleaner AC as the reason for this improvement, I'd also suggest it may have as much to do with lower ambient noise floor in listening room. Much less human activity, all activity makes some level of noise.

As for the snow thing, do you know that snow can be an insulator, ever heard of snow forts, may save you if lost in wilderness. Tires over pavement much louder than tires over worn down snow, yes, new snow will make crunching sound, not worn down snow. And if piled up around house may reach quite high on first floor of house, this insulates the house somewhat. And then we have much lower traffic volume and decreased speed during snow events. For many of us, traffic noise is likely the bulk of what makes up this ambient noise level.
Don’t laugh at electric vehicles, they will supplant the internal combustion engine, performance freaks need not fret.
Not laughing at the elec vehicle. They have been with us since the cars beginning. They are as impractical as tits on a boar hog. Will they become more practical? Maybe. But I wonder what the consumer is going to react in 6-10 yrs when the battery has to be replaced. Besides the cost of the battery $5-10K plus installation, there will be the recycle fee for all those dangerous heavy metals which go into these batteries and will be filling the landfills at an alarming pace. Then there is the charging stations which will be powered by fossil fuels. So how much have we really lessened our dependence on fossil fuels? And how many other problems have we created? Meanwhile my wife’s Avalon beats the torque monster Tesla X in a 500 mile race with ease. But that’s the long view of things. We Americans don’t consider the long term results anymore.