Nola Boxer speaker - for condo system

I want to set up a decent musical 2 channel system for our second home a two BRN condo in Denver. Keep you sugesstions under $6K total. We are not building a 5.1 or 7.1 HT, but might add sub woffer if it fits.

46" flat screen
reciever (which one) under 3
oppo 83se bluRay to everything player
Nola Boxer musical speakers
stands and cables
The designer prefers tubes - try a tube integrated that has remote(since you're watching movies - Manley Stingray, Rogue Cronus...).
I use to own the Alon I MKII's and I prefered solid state on them. I use Odyssey Audio Stratos and it was excellent. The Karthargo is from the same cloth and less expensive.
I have heard of Odyssey Audio having an Integrated amp but I have never seen one. The Manley Stingray could be an excellent choice. The Conrad Johnson Integrated is sought after and could be an amp of choice. I haven't heard the Rogue yet but I owned a preamp and it wasn't my cup of tea so I stay away from their gear. Too rolled off on the top. Some say too laid back.
If you want to ad a very good receiver Look at the Onkyo TX-SR507 or 508 with the 508 being the newer version, about 80 watts in 8 and over a hundred in 4 ohms. It has HDMI, built in DAC, Subwoofer out and many features. The Audessey room equalization is worth every penney.
Take a look at the Onkyo offering on videogon

Onkyo has always made very good sounding receivers. It's worth checking into.

Good Luck and Happy Listening
Denver has a very strong audio community. I would go to local dealers for a look and listen.
Would upgrade the Oppo to SE version.
Boxers are very revealing so amplification has to top notch,that excludes receivers.
Manleys are good are Vincent, Wyred, etc.
TV's at Costco or Sony Outlet.
Cables, Zu on Ebay. Kimber is local and good.
IMO, a receiver isn't going to do justice to these speakers. Carl (Nola) leans heavily towards tube amplification. Of course, it's a personal decision whether you prefer SS or tubes, but I find there's a deeper/larger soundstage and a distinct lushness that only happens with tube amps. If I were in your shoes, I'd look for a Cary SLI 80. It has 80 watts in ultra-linear mode and 40 watts in Triode mode. I think it would be a perfect match for the Boxers.