Nola Viper 1a

Recently I was offered a pair of Nola Viper 1a.  The friend was willing to sell them for just under $1,000 for the pair.  I had heard the Boxers and liked them and almost bought a pair but decided to pass because they just seemed a bit less than what I was looking for (just something about the highs). So I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about the Viper.  l of course will listen to them before spending any money, but it is a private sale and I can't very well return them since it would be a long drive to get them, and the person needs the cash, so my test would have to be at their place with their gear.  But before I make the trip I figured I would see if anyone had any opinions on them and of course cost is a factor.  I know they were around 4k back when new.  The pictures I got seemed like they were in nice condition.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Just seemed like a really good offer.
I haven't heard the Viper line for many years, but I recall it has a much more open sound than the Boxers, mainly because it is an open baffle design.  Could play quite loud as well, and a nice balanced sound, maybe lacking the last octave of bass,  I do recall that they are bi-wireable, and Nola recommended that they be bi-wired for best results.  At $1000 for the pair, they are a good deal, if you like their sound.  I'm a Nola fan (have Micro References), so take my recommendation with that in mind, but I think you'll like them.  I think you'll find they work well with tubed electronics,