Non Authorized Martin Logan Dealers

I am in the market for speakers. I had thought of the well reviewed PSB Imaging T3, but I found the female vocals to be veiled. The dealer (authorized) had Martin Logan Impression 11A. I was very impressed. The lack of box, vocals, adjustable bass with DSP and room correction. I am finding them available at 35%  discount by non-authorized dealers. I would like to hear from people about the speakers and the dealers. 
My present speakers are Merlin VSM and I would like more bass extension, but I still love their midrange.
Non-authorized dealer = No warranty
Thank you for purchasing a MartinLogan product. All MartinLogan products meeting the conditions set forth here are eligible to receive the Limited Warranty. Please retain your sales receipt for proof of warranty terms and proof of purchase from an authorized MartinLogan dealer or distributor in the United States or Canad
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@jea48 Martin Logan sells the speakers to his authorized dealers for 60% of MSRP. plus shipping.

Is this an assumption or fact?