Non-English Non-Operatic Singers?

I’ve started to post this questions a number of times over the last few months. First, I will admit that I listen to some KPop and Korean singles artists. That followed after my two boy group crazy teenage girls introduced me to KPop via long trips where they controlled the music. Next, came watching KDramas where much of the music can be the highlight of the drama. Yes, they controlled the media room. Lastly, I have a smattering of French and Brazilian music that I enjoy. Everyone avoids the two channel listening room where I have noted that much of the Korean music is nice but not well recorded.

What non-English audiophile albums are at the top of your list? I would like to expand my listening world.


Perhaps using the word “audiophile” is too much. Some Korean artists, BIBI (Bad Sad and Mad, Animal Farm, lots of great songs), Taemin (Advice), DK (Missed Connection), Janet Suhh (In Darkness..English KDrama Soundtrack Queen).  Also, IU, the top female performer and KDrama star (Blueming).


The Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg album.

Been a favorite here.  Excellent suggestion.


I’m guessing that you are a heavy metal fan… interesting mix


Reminds me of my Mothers of Invention days.

So few responses.  I’m guessing that everyone listens to culturally relevant music.  As I lose my ability to understand language, except in rather quiet environments, it has allowed me to listen to music where I don’t understand the language.  After all, for those with hearing masking issues, anything but quiet backgrounds renders much of the words unintelligible.