Non fatigueing speaker under 1500

I'm looking to purchase a non fatigueing speaker under $1500. I'm very sensitive to hardness and glare. I'm searching for a set up I can listen to for hours without draining me.

System is Aragon 4004 mkII fed directly by a Theta Miles. Speaker cables are Sumiko OCOS and interconnects are MIT PC Squared. Electronics are plugged into a Tice Power Block.
Room has little furniture and hardwood floors.

Under consideration are:
Vandersteen 2CE Sigs
Meadowlark Swift

Thanks - Jack
Jack -

Angela100 brings up a good point - your amplifier. In my limited experience, the Aragon amps have generally sounded dry and edgy.

Any chance you might give tubes a try?? For about a grand plus the proceeds from selling the Aragon, you could get the tube-friendly Swifts and a nice, warm little Jolida tube integrated to drive 'em.
A nice tube integrated frome Rogue, Jolida, etc. (good advice Duke) and the Swifts would be a match made in heaven. Probably about as musical a system as you will find for not a lot of money.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Thanks to all for the input! I was curious if my amp would be mentioned as a possible culprit. I did have a chance to listen to the Swifts today. When played through a Rogue 88/99 Magnum and Sim Moon cdp the sound was better than with Parasound SS/CDP but.... I was not impressed. Still a little too much in my face and the bass was there but did not boogie. I really wanted to like the Swifts for many reasons,price,size and looks.

Maybe I need to look at bigger more expensive speakers. Maybe I need to listen to very "tubey" sounding tube amps/pre. Am I learning digital just doesn't cut it.

Currently I'm leaning towards the Vandy 2CE Sigs. They are larger than I wanted to go. I've heard that ARC and Quicksilver amps drive the Vandies well. What about Rogue amps? How much tube power would be necessary.

Thanks Again - Jack
Now, Now, Audiokinesis, I never said the Aragon amp was dry or edgey or in any way not a good amp, I just said that 200W is not enough power and is probably clipping. SS or tube, you need more power to really drive speakers without distortion and clipping.
If it was me, I would begin looking at upgrading the amp, then listening to my speakers with that amp and then deciding what to do. Do you have a friend that would let you "borrow" their amp(at least 300W, preferably more) just to see what it does in your setup?

Angela - Assuming Gooddomino were to purchase a 90+db sensitivity speaker, what on God's green earth would he need 300+ wpc for? Since when is 200wpc not "enough" power?

Aren't you the one who's spouting about garbage in, garbage out? If the "quality" of the source component is so important to you, why would the quality of the amplification not be equally important? Do you have any idea how expensive a quality 300+wpc amp would cost?

Please explain your reasoning.