Non fatigueing speaker under 1500

I'm looking to purchase a non fatigueing speaker under $1500. I'm very sensitive to hardness and glare. I'm searching for a set up I can listen to for hours without draining me.

System is Aragon 4004 mkII fed directly by a Theta Miles. Speaker cables are Sumiko OCOS and interconnects are MIT PC Squared. Electronics are plugged into a Tice Power Block.
Room has little furniture and hardwood floors.

Under consideration are:
Vandersteen 2CE Sigs
Meadowlark Swift

Thanks - Jack
You should give Pat Mcginty a call at Meadowlark. He just starting shipping the new Osprey. Ask him what's next. He has to be introducing a new speaker priced somewhere between the Swift and Osprey, so you may find yest another option. He's on a roll!
Here, I'll say it - the Aragon is an arc-welder: brittle, glare, etc. If you don't like fatiguing components, gooddomino, you might be going a little crazy by now. So, dump the Aragon, pronto, get a nice integrated tube amp - my recomm is the VTL 85 - mate it with the ProAc 1SC's with decent wire (look at the Coincident stuff), stick a good PC on the amp and CD player (Virtual Dynamics on CD/ Custom Power Cord Co. on amp) and save for the ProAc 2.5's used at @ $1800 or less.
Cellorover - Meadowlark is coming out with a Kestral II. Might be more to my liking.

Asa, looks like they're still talkin 'bout Meadowlarks....which is OK. If he never hears the 2.5's, no harm done. But if he ever does (after already buying something else), he'll surely be grateful for the secondary market here on Agon! 2.5's on tube gear with some NOS Siemens or Mullards...oh my! If that dont cure listener fatigue, then I'm afraid we're gonna hafta shift the suggestions to remidies non audio related :)
You may want to consider taking a listen to some of the speakers manufactured by the UK company, Castle Acoustics. Quite nice and possibly possessing the attributes that you seek. I have grown to really appreciate the Castle Howard speakers that are set up in my stereo system...smooth and very non-fatiguing with a very 'big' sound to them. This sound should follow throughout their product lines to some degree. Good luck.