Non fatigueing speaker under 1500

I'm looking to purchase a non fatigueing speaker under $1500. I'm very sensitive to hardness and glare. I'm searching for a set up I can listen to for hours without draining me.

System is Aragon 4004 mkII fed directly by a Theta Miles. Speaker cables are Sumiko OCOS and interconnects are MIT PC Squared. Electronics are plugged into a Tice Power Block.
Room has little furniture and hardwood floors.

Under consideration are:
Vandersteen 2CE Sigs
Meadowlark Swift

Thanks - Jack
Asa and Rg - I see a pair of Proac 1.5's on sale now. Is the step up to 2.5's that significant. How much tube power do they need? Any certain brands?
Gooddomino, I'll try one more time and then I'll step out of this discussion. Do you like to listen to your music at high volume? If you do, then your amp is underpowered and you are looking in the wrong place to solve your problem. Enough said, and I hope that you enjoy your journey.
Angela - Thanks for the input. I usually listen at normal volume levels and occassionally like to jam. It's like a sports car that goes 140 mph,won't always use it but nice to know it's there.
Gooddomino -- I knew about the Kestrel II but was not sure if Pat wanted to make it public yet. They are amazing. They have Pat's head spinning. Good luck.
I was gonna suggest the 1.5, but I didnt want to get too yappity about all this. But now that you've brought it up, they are one of the nicest speakers you could buy. They are not as good as the 2.5, but may actually do better in a smaller room. Vocals out of this speaker are outrageous. The pblm with this model (IMO) was that it really needed a touch more bottom to make most people happy. So now, if yer gonna sub, you might as well have the 1SC - which is a better speaker on the top end. I do suggest you at least hear this speaker before you buy anything. It is silky smooth yet not veiled. I have heard them driven beautifully at a dealership. Uder the right conditions with the right gear they sounded like all I would ever want or need. (I drove mine with a MD-208, and they didnt sound as good, although maybe the room had something to do with it.) I owned the 2.5, 1.5, and Meadowlark Kestrel HR all at one time a couple years ago. I eventually traded off my 1.5's for a new pair of 1SC's with sub, but if I could only have one pair of speakers for one smallish room, properly driven the 1.5 could very well have been it. I've already said how much I like Meadowlark, but they were the first to go, and I never looked back. The 2.5 for me, all things considered, is the perfect point of compromise in a speaker. But I did spend some money to get them to do all that they are capable of. I have not listened to your amp, so I've kept quite about it, but I have no idea why 200 watts wouldnt be way more than enough to drive any of these speakers...