non-magnetic mechanical stylus force gauge

Need to get myself the stylus force gauge and after reading what other people say decided to buy the simple Shure SFG-2 but then realized from one of the reviews on Amazon (as well as here) that it is still a magnetic one? Just curious - if Sure does know that this feature can cause problems why they wouldn't fix it or is there already another one from them which is non-magnetic? I looked at Ortofon as well but that one seems a little too simplistic with only limited number of scale grades. Since I have some MC carts the magnetism I guess can cause a problem, just wondering if this is correct? Appreciate the feedback.
Thank you
Yes, thanks, I see the point.
I think this is also the case (at least for me) when simpler is better :)
I've had one or two for years. With the one I still have, I checked it against a strong magnet, and nothing. I have an electronic one also, but it can vary quite a bit if the stylus tip is off of the center by just a small amount. It is a cheap $50-60 ( I think ) though.
I have an older Shure gauge as well and tested it with a magnet I have at home - the gauge plate is NOT sticky...magnet falls off.
In my experience, the Shure is not nearly accurate enough, the Canrong units that have exploded on the market and have mutiple manufacturerers badges on them are unreliable. I bought the Mapleshade which measures at record height and has been extremely reliable. Also it uses AAA bateries that are less expensive than the button type. That was $75.00 well spent in my view.
Thanks all, folks. Decided to go with Shure for now, got it today.
Best Regards to all