Non-manual speaker selector?

The house we purchased several years ago has built in speakers in 6 locations hooked up to a Niles speaker selector. Each room has a separate volume control and I’m running 2 channels from a marantz 7007. However the speaker selector is in an odd location and being that it’s manual one has to always go to physically turn rooms on and off.  Curious if there are “digital” speaker selectors that could be accessed via an app, and if not if it’s prudent to leave all six zones on all the time but dial down the volume to zero in any room not being used. I’m not familiar with how these selectors match the load and whether that would put a burden on the 7007 receiver when running zone 2. 

Is this the Niles SS-6? Does it have a button labeled "Protection" on the right side of the front? If so, leave that "Protection" button engaged with all the room buttons engaged as well. Then just turn volume up and down in the rooms when desired.

As long as that "Protection" button remains engaged, it will not be a problem for the receiver's zone 2.

Hi- thank you both for the suggestions. It is a Niles HDL-6 and it does have the protection button. I’m not sure what that does exactly but if it keeps things from catching on fire or burning out I’m all good. I’ll try this with all zones pushed in, protection button pushed in, and will set all zones to manual volume zero in each locale. Thanks!