Nordost IC - Quattro Fill vs SPM Reference

Hi guys, I need your help. Which IC would you recommend between the Quattro Fill or SPM reference XLR. I currently have B&W Signiture 805 speakers being powered by Primare A30.2 amp and pre30 pre amp.
Many Thanks
Really can't help you with your choice, but I can give you a possibly cheaper solution. If you like the Quattro Fil you may have a relatively inexpensive alternative. Get a 6 ft long (or more) used El Dorado power cord for about $400. Then get 8 Eichman RCA's. The El Dorado is really nothing more than 2 Quattro Fil wires run together. Yes, they do have a slightly different outer casing, but the rest is the same. This will let you make 2 sets of Quattro Fil's for much less than the retail or used price of even one "real" Quattro Fil.

Thanks Bob you're a legend. Can you also tell me the benifits of XLR, XLR balanced and RCA? I get conflicting opinions whenever I speak with retailers.