Nordost Norse 2 Speaker Cables + Interconnects

I had the opportunity to demo the new Norse 2 Line by Nordost through my local dealer (Audio Two).

I took home the Frey 2 speaker cables shotgun. As soon as I installed them the liquid shimmer was everywhere. The music had a sense of relaxed and openness. My system consists of all tube gear and Chario Academy Sovran Speakers.

Nordost is a great company with the R&D to back it up. Consider Nordost as a component upgrade. Very happy with what the Norse 2 Frey did to my system.

Will be making a purchase as soon as my full review is complete. I will be updating the thread with my ongoing experience.

Please chime in with your thoughts.
My hunch is yes. They will have more metal and proprietary plugs.

Not too much to ask for.
Nordost cables to me compared to other ones within there price range offer the best value and quality that I have seen in a long time. The timing and precise imagery from any of there line ups whether its from there Lief all the way to there Reference Series will work for almost and speaker and amplifiers out there. We sell them in our and store and use them for pretty much all or our equipment and we use most of there line ups in the store to compare sonic and timing difference in sound, though when using different amps and different speakers they will all sound different so you have to go on what you hear because everyone's hearing is different and also depends on the environment that its a controlled environment. As far as the new Valhalla2 nothing has been announced yet from my rep so once I know I can let you know because Im sure we have them in the store try out.
I am only bothering you all with this because I saw the thread one day after a trial of Heimdall 2 (which I already had), Frey 2 and Tyr 2 speaker cables. The Frey 2 was instantly, and very significantly, better to my ears and system. With much trepidation -- because the cost is relatively astronomical -- I put in the Tyr 2, expecting another quantum improvement which would have meant laying out the huge cash for a cable. To my great surprise --and actually relief -- there was no such expected improvement. A bit more deep bass perhaps, but less (to my ears) everywhere else, compared to the Frey 2. I have ordered the Frey 2 sc, and also a pair of I-C to compare to my present H2s. BUT, given the difference in conductors and specs, I don't understand why I didn't get a major increase in performance from the Tyr 2. I have wondered whether it may be because I have Mag 3.7s which have a notoriously quirky load. Or my ancient ears which are even more so.
Hi Listen1,

Am very interested to hear further on your experience in the upgrade from Heimdall 2 to Frey 2 SC and IC.

I have two Heimdall 2 PC and i like the way the highs are more defined, mids are less impressive though so i repaired that with my Valhalla IC running from CDP to pre.

I still have Tyr v1 IC from pre to amp and Red Dawn LS SC. am thinking of upgrading them but would love to hear your experience with Frey 2 vs Heimdall 2