Nordost Odin or Valhalla 2


Do you feel Nordost cables are worth it's asking price?  What's the proportionate amount one should spent on cables? 

After hearing them at RMAF 2015 and few other brands of cables, I decided to look into the upgrade cost.  I own a decent HT setup and invested over $125K in my pursuit of audio nirvana.  

So I contacted a Nordost dealer to get an estimate on my setup.  The dealer came back with an estimate of $110K on Valhalla 2.  Needless to say, I didn't even bothered to ask the cost of Odin in my setup.  

No offense to the dealers, but I started to wonder the profit markups on high end cables.  I do hear stories about some unscrupulous dealers who sell high end products to get spiffs from big manufacturers in shape of exotic vacations, free products and so forth if they sell more widgets.  Isn't this corporate hi-fi that only seeks to show returns for shareholders.  To me its pure business, where is the passion for audio?If they are only focusing on providing expensive audio jewelry and targeting individuals with deep pockets then I say, mission accomplished.  

I have much better experience with smaller companies who are dedicated and committed to providing 'magical' listening experience without taking a second mortgage on your home.  I thought the whole idea of audio art is to create aural magic.  

IMO most cables regardless of price point, will get you 80% of the performance of super expensive cables.   So is it really worth spending thousands of dollars more to achieve that 20% or 10% of performance? 

I would like to hear from folks who owns Odin or Valhalla 2 or other comparable brand of cables, what was decided factor in their choice, what other cables did you compare before settling with Odin or Valhalla 2.  

I don't have any hidden agenda or personal vendetta against high priced cables or dealers engaged in selling high end products.  The idea here is to gauge performance vs. cost of super expensive cables. 

Happy Listening!!!


Well, I'm a late comer to seriously trying the Nordost line. I did hear the Odin setup a few years ago at the Rocky Mountain Audio Show and was duly impressed. I do have a fairly significant investment in my two channel room, so when I happened to find an 'affordable' Odin (one not two) power cable, I dropped it into my system between my power conditioner and the Dac. I powered the system up and sat back to see if could hear any difference... Welllllllll , all I can say is that it was nothing short of a revelation. The cables I have been using are all high pedigree items and yet  just the one Nordost cable (not even in the signal path) has me hearing all kinds of detail in my recordings I never appreciated before. 

So, where to go from here. We'll see, but if I can make it happen, it's going to include more Nordost products. Can't help but wonder what my system might sound like fully connected in let's say Odin 2 cable.

Like the song goes "sweet dreams are made of these, everybody is looking for something...".



Nordost make finest cable if you look speed and if you look for transparent in reproduction. That what you need in cable if you have top notch system. You have some gear that need sprinkle fairy dust or you cry because you cheap out and have bright no bother with this level cable but some other masking tape to cover. If you have state art system and use best like Odin and and Valhalla you get big big rise in levi. I use in system with Rockport and my Maggie in gym. In all my house I have Nordost. In all main system i use the Nordost. Second third four fifth six system level I use other cable. I have in jet system that great with mbl speaker out of world system make you chills when on the ground it time to go you still you cant stand up straight because big rise in levi with this system. 

Interesting thread. I am a total believer that cables make a big difference. However, here’s an interesting story that i posted on another forum...I have a good a’phile friend who just acquired a $50K preamp. This preamp is well known and it sounds great! My friend tells me that this preamp is not worth anything near what he paid for way, no how! The parts, the design, the R&D and the whole affair dont add up to a small fraction of what he paid, in his opinion. The reason for the price is the huge dealer margin, the fact that few of this product are sold ( probably due to the price?), the number of middle men involved and the hype attached to the piece. Why did my friend buy this??...because in his words it was a justifiable but not pleasant expense. ( he probably makes more than most folks do in a year, but in a day!) How does this apply to the Odin vs Valhalla discussion? I think because folks who buy these cables are not concerned about ’value for money’, but more about the ’bragging rights’ , the potential for sonic upswing ( which I think is there) and lastly for those who have to have the ’best’ at any price. The manufacturers are aware of this, and so they take advantage of it...same goes for most luxury items.

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