Nordost QB8

QB8 owners:

What configuration do you use when plugging your gear into the QB8?

I've got good results in the following order, starting from the end of the QB8 where the mains power cable plugs into the QB8:

1) Meridian MS600 streaming endpoint/DAC
2) empty
3) empty
4) Primary Earth Socket - Simaudio P8 pre-amp
5) Simaudio W8 amp
6) empty
7) empty
8) Simaudio 650D Transport/DAC
My QB8 is under my credenza so it needs to be on its side. Not ideal but that's what happens when your gear is in the living room rather than a dedicated audio room. I do have a pair of Black Ravioli isolation pads under it, though.
The Acoustic Revives agc-24 seems to have made an improvement when connected to the QB8, although my normal DAC is out for upgrades and I'm just listening directly from my Meridian MS600 so I can't tell the effects for sure yet.
I really like the QB-8 and felt it made a meaning difference to my system. I wrote about it HERE . What is really important with the QB-8 is to ground it with a garden earth. Using it in conjunction with the QX2 and QX4 as mentioned above is also highly recommended.
I have the QX4 and QB8. I'm not sure about my configuration but have the manuals if you want me to look at the recommended setup. That's what I went with.