Nordost resolution, soundstage and clarity with Wireworld Bass Slam?

Hello Fellow Enthusiasts,

Even though I know better than to ask this, I am going to anyway.  I am a lifelong audiophile who has finally achieved some goals.  I now have my complete Mac system and am very happy with my components.  We all read about neutrality in cables but I look at cables as "seasonings".  I don't use them as tone controls, but rather flavorings.  I have owned and demoed multiple levels of a few cable lines (Audioquest, Silnote Audio, Nordost, XLO, and Wireworld).  There are MANY more qualified companies to choose from, many of which I have heard at Axpona.  However, all that matters is how it sounds in your system at your house.  Currently I run a Silver Eclipse 8 loom with Silver Electra Power Cords from Wireworld.  I have never been satisfied until I upgraded to the middle of each company's product line.  Then I got a real feel for their "house sound" and found satisfaction.  

I would like to say that I am not trying to start any arguments or debates.  I simply would like to learn and gain more knowledge.  The longer I am part of this passionate hobby, the more I realize I have to learn.  To date two cable "seasonings" have stood out.  Nordost at the Tyr 2 level.  This level is where my jaw dropped and I was floored by classical music and vocals.  Peter Gabriel's Live work absolutely blew me away.  The soundstage doubled in width and depth.  Clarity was like nothing I have ever heard.  I was mesmerized BUT Nordost has always been thin on the bass as far as I am concerned.  I listen to everything.....literally.  I can go from Mozart to Metallica in one half hour and then flip to EDM.  Along came Wireworld.  The soundstage tightened and shrank, clarity was good, but bass had impact!  There is a fullness to the sound from top to bottom that I need to enjoy all of the different genres.  

I realize I am not the normal audiophile.  My very limited experience has me wondering if any fellow enthusiasts may have run across my holy grail of Nordost resolution combined with Wireworld bass slam in any of the other brands?  Naturally as I advanced in any given company's brand, the product became better.  The higher up I went, the greater any given brand's characteristics became.  There are so many of us out there with so much experience, I am hoping to learn from others' experiences.  I am hoping feedback from this thread will lead me to some products I can try out at The Cable Company on their loaning program, or through various dealer demos.

Thanks and fire away!!!
I appreciate the suggestions and will follow up.  The one term I forgot to mention was holographic imaging.  I feel both Nordost and WW have good detailing but Nordost has this quality of putting you in the middle of the performance I have never experienced before, combined with incredible resolution.  Synergistic, Audience, Kubala Sosna, and Cardas are all companies I have been curious about.  
Wireworld is good, but you really have to step it up to their Platinum line, to really experience what WW can do. In terms of other brands:

1 - Cardas. Clear Reflection and up. For some reason, I did not like their Clear and Clear Beyond power cords too much, but their Clear IC and speaker cables are top notch 

2 - Synergistic Research. Atmosphere X Level 2 and Level 3. You really cannot go wrong with these for any cables. Unfortunately I don’t have the cash to try their Galileo SX line.

3 - Audioquest Storm series for power cords. Hurricane appear to be sweet spot. 
4 - Shunyata, current version Delta, Alpha and Sigma (NR series especially).

Good luck. It’s fun
Anticables are on the right track but they do two things wrong. Not enough area and as all the others they overprice their junk. A "level 6" speakercable from 2.120 dollars? 

Nothing beats the calm and the slam you will get from a (minimum) 7awg solid core copper cunductor to the bass, a bit thinner is ok to the mid/top.

Same with pc`s, nothing beats a solid core, starting from 12awg