I would like have some comment about the brahma. Im searching for a transparent and dynamic cable whitout brightness or thin bass impact. Can you please give me your impression considering my need.
Swapping just a single Brahma for the Vishnu cord used between my wall outlet and QX4 brought substantial across the board improvements that had me shaking my head in disbelief for several days. The biggest improvement it delivered was a greater sense of the energy we hear from live music - the music just came alive. Bass improved significantly - with bass instruments seeming to move air more realistically. Other improvements included: greater low-level detail, richer tone colors, and greater clarity and transparency across the entire frequency band.

All this was in the context using only Nordost power cords. Vishnu cords were used between my components and power strip (Quantum QB8).

See more of my thoughts on this in this thread:

I have made comparisons between Nordost Brahma and Kimber PK10 On a Focal Utopia/Ayre/Esoteric based system. Cables were switched on DAC. To my taste Brahma was little too bright in that system, while PK10 brought some darkness, and instruments sounded more natural. Its was like with Photo editor, increase brightness on picture, and you loose details. All other cables through out were Brahmas as well.
I use Brahma cords in conjunction with a Thor distribution box. I preferred the Brahma over the Valhalla cord and the Vishnu. The Brahma was more open and spacious in my system. The Vishnu was too light weight in the bass.

The bass is quick and agile with sufficient impact. If I substitute a bulky PS audio Lab cable between the Thor and the outlet, I gain bass weight but lose definition.