North Carolina Audio Club

Let's start a NC Audio Club. Any comments? Any suggestions about how to promote our interest and perhaps hear other folks systems, or benefit from their experiences?
I just landed in metro-Charlotte and would like to know if the Charlotte Audiophile Society got off the ground.

Some members requested updates and here is what is new at Liquid HiFi:
PS Audio Perfect Wave system in stock for demonstration
- open house/meetings to demo this playbeck system will be forthcoming once the bridge is released.
Plinius components always on demo - 9200 now available for listening.
Liquid HiFi is now proudly an Esoteric dealer and has the SA-50 on demo.
feel free to contact me if you would like to be included on the open house/meeting list and/or with any other way I might help.
Ron Buffington
Liquid HiFi
hi vernon30515,i am in are probably closer to raleigh than asheboro.but i am always interested in talking audio.also where did you move from,and what is your system comprised of.oh ,and welcome to n.c.
Hello All,

I may be that my house will finally sell so that I can relocate to Concord, NC. I am almost sure there are no audio clubs there. So, I guess the nearest one would be in Charlotte, NC?

Even before I relocate to NC I would love to begin communicating with those who wish to email me here in Baltimore, MD. I want to get the know some people there in NC so that when I arrive I will already have astablished some audio relationships.

PS: I recently purchased a fine set of Magnapan MG-2's which I will be delivering to Mr. Peter Gunn for his outstanding work. I hope to have those completed by the time I relocate. Thank you so much all.