North Carolina Audio Club

Let's start a NC Audio Club. Any comments? Any suggestions about how to promote our interest and perhaps hear other folks systems, or benefit from their experiences?
hi vernon30515,i am in are probably closer to raleigh than asheboro.but i am always interested in talking audio.also where did you move from,and what is your system comprised of.oh ,and welcome to n.c.
Hello All,

I may be that my house will finally sell so that I can relocate to Concord, NC. I am almost sure there are no audio clubs there. So, I guess the nearest one would be in Charlotte, NC?

Even before I relocate to NC I would love to begin communicating with those who wish to email me here in Baltimore, MD. I want to get the know some people there in NC so that when I arrive I will already have astablished some audio relationships.

PS: I recently purchased a fine set of Magnapan MG-2's which I will be delivering to Mr. Peter Gunn for his outstanding work. I hope to have those completed by the time I relocate. Thank you so much all.

hi rbwinterlink, i live in asheboro is about 45 miles from concord.there is no audio club here either.i would be glad to exchange thoughts and opinions of our audio hobby.not to mention possibly hearing and comparing systems.
Good morning Energizer,

How are you this fine day? I would love to communicate with you until I finally arrive to Concord NC. Presently, I am totally dumb regarding how to get around town even.

Regarding my audio system, here goes:

Threshold S/300 power amp
Classe DR-5 pre amp
DIY/Rock turntable (I used the platter and bearing from the Elite Rock to complete the DIY turntable. I use a Jelco
750-D tonearm).
Benz Micro Cart
Parasound 2000 belt drive CD transport/DAC
Upgraded power cables and interconnects
Magnapan MG-2 speakers (soon to be upgraded by P.Gunn)
Technics 1506 tape deck
Tascam 32-2B tape deck
Otari MTR-15 master tape deck
Sony APR-5003 master tape deck
Varied collection of reel to reel tapes

I spend major time listening to modern jazz (big/small band), single instrument, small and large classical works. I love choral music so spend lots of time listening to Bach, Beethovan, Cherubini, Ralph Vaugh Williams, and others.

Individual jazz artists are:

Lee Konitz
Tony Williams
Miles Davis
Bill Evans
Gil Evans
Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra (fantastic)
Modern Jazz Quartet
Stan Kenton
John Coltrane
Dave Brubeck
Stan Getz
Joe Henderson
Charlie Parker
Billie Holiday
Diana Krall
Shirley Horn, just to name a few

I also love Blood Sweat & Tears, Joan Baez, Earth Wind & Fire, Sade and a few others.

Well sir, that's it for now. I look forward to hearing from you when you can spare a moment. By the way, I am looking forward to getting my speakers up to Mr. Peter Gunn prior to leaving the Maryand area. My hope is that he can work on then sooner than the proposed date in August. Thanks again for taking the time to post to me. I really appreciate.

well thats quite a system u have.i especially like your maggies, and your planned up grade.i have always liked the maggies.AND i like the fact U have great recording capabilities. i am still trying to upgrade mine.presently i have speakers by focal and von schweikert.a older sumiko turntable.a bottle head revelation 2 pre,slightly upgraded.i am looking for a good cd player.i am using an old scott [my back up]i use a pair of monarchy se100 s. music, i listen to anything except rap- and hip hop.,and especially the older stuff from 60s and at U LATER,MICHAEL