NOS tubes For my Rhea

It looks like I will need to replace the tubes in my Rhea.
I have been hearing a sporadic “rushing” sound from one channel on my system. I suspect it may be tubes in my Rhea OR Calypso. First off I do I determine which unit is the culprit (I only use one source – Turntable) . Also who is the best dealer (best prices) for tubes. I am very untechnical so I need help and advice. Thanks!!
Hi all...I am looking for the contact number for Aesthetix but can't locate them. Anyone have it???? Tks!
Well it’s been approx. 3 days (9-12 hrs. ) of listening . It’s amazing how new tubes could make such a significant difference. The top end on my RS 1-B’s is more delicate and shimmering and yet the mid-range and bass has much more meat on the bone then before. Enjoying the new tubes and a big endorsement to Andy Bowman of Vintage Tube Service. Now I need to think of re-tubing my Aesthetic Calypso!!

Rick (rwd)
I am happy to hear you are getting such great results. I had the same experience and re-tubed my Calypo as well.

The good news is tubes for your Calypso will be less with the tube count down and no need for MC selected 12ax7 tubes.

Best Regards,

Jim Perry